H3O Pro™

Brand: Herbalife®
Product Code: Lemon Lime 10 sachets per box
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H3O Pro™ is an isotonic drink designed to meet the body's demands for hydration and energy. Clean and great tasting, H3O Pro™ is for fitness minded or serious athletes wanting an exceptional performance.

Key Benefits:
• Rapid hydration: replaces essential salts to help you avoid the negative affects of dehydration Immediate and sustained energy with no ‘spikes and crashes’. 
• Absorption: 5 energy-releasing B vitamins help your body to absorb the nutrients in H3O.
• Pro Antioxidant protection: to help protect the body from free radicals. 
• Taste: Refreshing, subtle and clean with a hint of tangy lemon. No artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives.

A scientifically formulated isotonic drink for optimal hydration with carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy so you get the most out of your performance. Suitable for intense exercise and the serious athlete.

Pour the contents of one sachet into a bottle and add water to produce 500ml of H3O Pro™. One serving of H3O Pro™ in 500 ml is recommended for every 60 minutes of strenuous exercise.

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