Hydrate Supports Hydration with Electrolytes

Brand: Herbalife®
Product Code: Orange Flavour 20 stick packs 20 x 5.3g
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Hydration is key for performance. Replenish your body with electrolytes to enhance fluid absorption, ensuring you are hydrated and ready to perform at your best. Hydrate contains less than 1 g of sugar and carbohydrate-metabolism supporting B Vitamins. When mixed with water, it’s the perfect any-time hydration option.

Key Benefits:
Hydration anytime, for anyone 100% RDA of the antioxidant vitamin C Contains the electrolytes sodium, calcium and magnesium for rapid body fluid restoration Low calorie and sugar free Source of energy supporting B vitamins including B1 and B12.

Hydrate is developed by experts in sports nutrition. This unique calorie free hypotonic drink helps promote fluid absorption, providing electrolytes and B vitamins. In a light orange flavour, Hydrate is the perfect option for effective hydration throughout the day.

Mix 1 stick pack with 500 ml of water, shake vigorously. This product should be used as part of a balanced and varied diet in line with a healthy lifestyle.

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